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Independent Paralegal Services

Independent paralegals work toward facilitating other services, usually in the capacity of helping individuals who are seeking to defend themselves in legal proceedings or who require document processing to be performed on their behalf. In most cases, an independent paralegal can prepare legal documents; however, it is to be understood that the paralegal cannot give legal advice, can not go to court, and is in no way practicing law (see our Legal Disclaimer). Should your situation need the expertise of an attorney, let the pros at Legal Liaisons, LLC, help direct you to the right attorney for your unique case.

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Independent Paralegal Services Offered

Legal Document Preparation

Independent paralegals are limited to certain types of legal document preparation, and this service will only be considered as long as it complies with the rules set forth regarding UPL (see our Legal Disclaimer).  We have access to experienced local attorneys and can help arrange consultations with an attorney that best fits your circumstances if the need arises.  We can assist in the preparation of some legal documents and will consider the following services depending upon your legal needs:

  • Business Entity Formations
  • Communication Documents
  • Estate Planning Documents (purchase of will kit with document processing option)
  • Health Care Directives

  • Lease/Rental Agreements

  • Name Changes

  • No-Fault Divorce (standard forms for purchase with document processing option)

  • Operating Agreements

  • Power of Attorney

  • Removal of Disability of Minor

  • Social Security Claim Documents (preparation, excluding appeal)

** Other Documents Considered Upon Request **

Client/Attorney Liaison

At times, individuals need the assistance of a legal professional to act as a liaison between them and their attorney.  This circumstance may be due to several factors, such as the client's job constraints limiting their time to contact the attorney directly, or there has been an issue regarding communication with their attorney.  No matter the reason, we can act as a personal representative for the individual client to facilitate measures regarding the handling of their legal issue by their hired attorney.  


Giving legal advice may be defined as directing a client on how to proceed in a matter that has legal consequences, and/or explaining to a client his or her legal rights and responsibilities. Such practices are a direct violation of the standards set forth in MS Code § 73-3-55 (1972, as amended) regarding the Unauthorized Practice of Law as well as Rule 5.3 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct set forth by the ABA.  Legal Liaisons, LLC, makes no representation toward giving legal advice and each client, no matter the service, will sign a Terms of Service Agreement concerning this matter.

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